Laminate worktops

Laminate worktops offer style and quality and are priced lower than solid worktop options. Consisting of a chipboard substrate covered in high pressure laminate, they are a long lasting option resistant to impact and most household stains. Laminates are available in wood effect, marble effect, stone effect, sparkle effect, concrete effect and uni-colour finishes in a wide variety of colours. They come in 3m lengths ready to be trimmed to the correct size for your kitchen, and breakfast bar and upstand options are also available.

Laminate worktop features

  • Available in 38mm thickness
  • Pencil or square profile, depending on the style you choose
  • Abrasion- and scratch-resistant
  • Heat- and water-resistant
  • Available in 21 colours

Wood effect - Jackson Grain

Wood effect - Silver Grain

Wood effect - Rab Oak

Wood effect - Mystic Pine

Wood effect - Colmar Oak

Wood effect - Pati Oak

Wood effect - Arendal Oak

Stone effect - Terzo Stone

Stone effect - Marmo Pura

Stone effect - Modern Cement

Stone effect - Salento Stone

Stone effect - Gokhana

Marble effect - Calcutta Marble

Marble effect - Pokhara

Marble effect - Grey Marble

Marble effect - Oratorio

Concrete effect - Woodstone Blanc

Uni-colour - Anthracite

Sparkle effect - Strasse Blanc

Sparkle effect - Strasse Gris

Sparkle effect - Strasse Noir

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